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Did You Know?

Many homeowners choose metal or wood fencing, simply because it’s more affordable. But, concrete fencing is a better choice if you’re looking for added security, durability and privacy.

Metal and wood fencing products are more vulnerable to the environment and weather conditions in Durban, and they make it easier for intruders to enter your property. These types of fencing products also need to be replaced every few years and require a lot of maintenance to keep it in good shape.


What Are the Benefits of Concrete Fencing?

The key objectives around building a retaining wall around your property in Durban is to protect your investment and provide you with privacy. And since crime is rife in our country, retainer walls call for maximum endurance and strength. Concrete walls fit the bill perfectly. Not only does it tick all the above-mentioned boxes, but it also offers excellent weather resistance. Below are all the benefits associated with precast walls.


Precast Walls Are Durable

Precast walls are heavy and robust and can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear. They are resistant to mould, water (rot), fire, termites as well as other natural elements. Concrete fencing provides you with higher quality and longer-lasting durability that is sustainable without maintenance over long periods of time.


Precast Walls Are Easy to Install

No heavy-duty installation equipment is needed when installing precast walls. That said, for safety reasons, it’s a job better left to a team of skilled professionals.


Precast Walls Are Easy to Maintain

Concrete walls are the least expensive and easiest to maintain and will look good for many years to come. Additionally, you can make modifications to your wall with little to no effort when it comes to adjusting the design, length or height.


Precast Walls Are More Cost-Effective

While precast walls tend to be more expensive than other fencing types, over time they prove to be more affordable because they don’t need frequent maintenance and repairs and materials won’t need to be replaced on a regular basis. Concrete walls can last for several decades.


How Much Does Concrete Fencing Cost?

As you can see, installing precast walls is one of the best investments you can make to protect your property. Prices can vary from different suppliers which is why it’s advised to get more than one quote. At Durban Concrete Fencing we offer a service that provides customers with at least four quotes from different suppliers with the click of a button.

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